Florida’s Mechanics Lien

In Florida, liens filed on private property or on funds relating to a public project are known as Mechanic’s Liens. When a Florida Mechanics Lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers the fee simple ownership of property. Contractors, as well as subcontractors, laborers, certain design […]

Florida’s construction laws will require modification of certain construction methods and documentation

It’s been a busy year for construction legislation, with new regulations and statutes putting more and more obligations on contractors and suppliers.  The national trend continues with the new legislative changes in Florida, which require modification of certain construction methods and documentation. We suggest that anyone involved in the construction industry in Florida review these […]

Loophole for Florida Contractors to Lien Lessor’s Property

For many years, Florida lessor’s have been protected from assuming the liability of construction liens placed against their property for improvements made by their lessee.  This was accomplished when the lessor filed the lease stating that the lessor would not be subject to liens for improvements made by the lessee. However, Florida just handed contractors a loophole that may […]