California Enacts Bill to Protect Subcontractors: Restricts Indemnity Clauses with General Contractors

The California has introduced a bill that would protect subcontractors from overly broad indemnification provisions. The bill, which has been passed by both houses and signed into law by the Governor, will become effective on January 2013. California Senate Bill 474 would prohibit a contract clause that would require a subcontractor to indemnify a general contractor, construction manager, or […]

California’s New Mechanics Lien Law Changes In Effect

The most significant changes to California construction law in decades will became law on July 1, 2012. Owners, builders, developers, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and laborers rely on california mechanics liens, stop notices and/or bond claims to preserve their rights to payment. The changes attempt to simplify the legal rules and procedures for utilizing […]

California charter city public works projects are not subject to prevailing wage requirements

Charter cities are not required to comply with California’s prevailing wage law with respect to construction contracts for public buildings, according to a July 2, 2012, California Supreme Court decision.  The underlying facts in that case, State Building and Construction Trades Council of California AFL-CIO v. City of Vista, relate to an October 2007 resolution […]