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Competitive pricing among the lowest in the industry brings you value, but never compromises our commitment to service. Whatever document you are filing, be it a mechanics lien - including construction liens and property liens - a bond claim, a stop notice, or a prelien notice (preliminary notice or notice of intent to file a lien), we strive to provide professional, reliable and quick service.

Ordering more than 20 lien documents within 30 days? Ask us about volume discounts available to you.

LienItNow.com provides enterprise services for companies that have high volume orders. If you're ordering more than 20 lien documents, within a month, we can provide you with specialized service and pricing. Give us a call to discuss your options.

*Offer Restrictions

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts. In some states, due to certain filing or service requirements, additional fees may apply to an order. Please note that if your state requires the use of a process server or sherrif to serve a document, an additional charge to cover the process server's fee will be applied. Additionally, certain filing fees may be charged by LienItNow in its discretion if the filing fee is in excess of the average filing fee charged by other states, counties or cities. The discount does not apply to an of these referenced items. If you have any questions about whether your order is subject to additional costs, please just give us a call at 888-543-6765.