Find Out Why Mechanics Liens are the Most Important Tools on a Construction Project...

You don't leave your toolbox at the jobsite at the end of a project, so why leave cash on the table? This is where mechanics liens come in. These provide security and protection to ensure you get the payment owed to you. The nationwide mechanics lien filing tools provided by complete the job of collecting unpaid project money. File a lien on the property with ease through our online system. We can help with all the different documents you need for a property lien. Use all the tools at your disposal, use

Here at LienItNow, we provide contractors nationwide with easy-to-use property lien filing tools to help complete the job of collecting unpaid project money. Through our online system, we eliminate the trouble of having to learn the system and risking potential errors that could hurt your lien rights.

Aside from helping with construction liens, we can assist with other documents that help you receive payment for the work you provide. Our services cover documents for a bond claim, release of lien, and preliminary notice of lien or notice to owner, among others. We can also help with construction billing to ensure that your company is able to minimize financial trouble and continue profiting from what it does.

How Does a Mechanics Lien Work?

Filing a mechanics lien provides security and protection.

Construction liens are made to secure a debt that a property owner owes to the contractor. By filing a lien document, you essentially "tie up" a property with a lien to secure a debt. If the lien isn't resolved, the debt is recovered by selling the property. This, in turn, forces the property owner to clear the debt and guarantee that no contractual work on a property goes unpaid. When you file a bond claim or lien, it becomes easier to secure payment and guarantee that no contractual work on a property goes unpaid. Doing the paperwork can be difficult, so we provide you tools to help create the documents you need to finish and file a lien.

This may sound simple enough, but filing mechanics liens can be very complicated. Lien laws vary across the country, and the way you file a lien depends on where the project is located. Each state may also have a number of requirements your company has to meet before you can file a lien. Working with us ensures that you can ease your mind about these details. We know how lien laws differ from state to state so we can help you make sure that the document you're filing will be effective.

From late payment to non-payment, the construction cycle can wear down even the best contractors. Filing a lien on the property or a bond claim provides the security to back the promises of payment. Stop wondering whether your receivables will ever be paid: lien it fast, lien it right... LienItNow.

How to Finish a property lien in 10 minutes or less.

Just register and complete a customized questionnaire.

After that, we'll deal with the rest of the work to help you file a lien. When you register and place your first order, we'll send you a complimentary $25.00 gift card. Just our way of saying thanks for using us.

As each state in the country has its own guidelines on construction liens, which documents to prepare and how to settle them, we provide you with all you need to know through our FAQ page. But if you have any other questions, we'll be happy to entertain them, whether through our online live help or through the phone.

Filing a lien on the property is as easy as 1-2-3. . .

Complete our online form at your own speed.

Answer a few questions, and we'll create your mechanics lien or bond claim document. Our online process guides you step-by-step. Most people finish in under 10 minutes.

We double-check your work and then do the paperwork.

After you submit the online form, our specialists carefully review it and perform a property owner verification search so you won't run into trouble as you file the lien.

Finally, sign and return your documents.

We email your documents to you for signature, and when you return the signed documents we'll do the rest to help you file the property lien.

Have any questions about our lien forms or the process of filing any document? We have answers on our FAQ page. But you can also contact us through our online live help or through the phone for more inquiries.