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Ohio's notice and lien process can be hard to navigate. When you have a lot of other things to get done on a construction project, you don't want to be spending time and money figuring out how to file a mechanics lien. provides the construction industry online mechanics lien forms to help contractors, sub-contractors, and material suppliers obtain a security interest in the property owner's land, and secure the payment they've worked for.

In three simple steps, anyone doing construction work in Ohio can complete a prelien notice or lien in only 10 quick minutes. Once a time-consuming process for construction companies, makes filing your lien claims faster and easier than ever. can also help you create bond claims, prelien notices and lien releases.

LienItNow's services and products are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. While our site is based on lower cost through the power of "do it yourself", if you need help specific to your issue, you can take a look at our Attorneys Connections page to find a lawyer who can provide the assist.

What is an Ohio mechanics' lien Claim?
Statutorily created by the Ohio state legislature, Ohio's mechanics’ lien law was created to ensure that everyone who performs work on a construction project is paid for the work they perform. By permitting a lien to be placed on Ohio property, protection is provided to workers and suppliers on a construction project. But this protection only comes when a potential lien claimant complies with all aspects of the Ohio mechanics' lien law, and the lien on the property is properly filed.

Ohio liens filed on private property or on funds relating to a public project are known as Ohio mechanic's liens. If an Ohio mechanics lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers the fee simple ownership of property, using that property as collateral for the overdue payment. If an Ohio mechanics lien is filed with regard to work performed on a public or government owned property, that lien instead secures the amount due the lienor by attaching to the fund of money which the public agency has allocated for a project. The reason for this is that in Ohio you cannot force the sale of publicly owned land (public agencies mean any county, city, town, township, public commission, public board or other municipality authorized by law to make contracts for the making of any public improvement in any city, town, township or other municipality).
Who can file an Ohio mechanics' lien Claim?
Can an Ohio mechanics lien be filed on Public Projects?
Are pre-lien notices for an Ohio mechanics' lien Claim required?
Can you file an Ohio Mechanics' Lien Claim without a pre-lien notice?
When should an Ohio mechanics' lien Claim be filed?
Do I need a contract in order to file an Ohio mechanics lien claim?
Contracts are important for many reasons, including ensuring that all parties have an understanding of the work being performed, the price for the work, and the rights and remedies available to the parties as they relate to the construction project. With regard to mechanics' liens, Ohio requires that the work be performed pursuant to a contract in order to secure a claimant's lien rights. The contractual requirement is meant to protect the owner and the potential lien claimant, potentially removing a dispute as to whether the work was authorized or the price agreed to for the work.
How does filing an Ohio mechanics' lien Claim help me get my money?
When should an Ohio release of lien claim be filed?
Can I file a Bond Claim on an Ohio Project?
Do I need to send a preliminary notice to make a claim against an Ohio payment bond?

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