Filing California Mechanic’s Liens

Completed Work

As a hardworking contractor or repair worker, the last thing you want is to lose out on the money owed to you. At a retail store, a customer doesn’t just walk on home with a product without first paying. But working on a home renovation—be it electric wiring, appliance installation, sheetrock repair, and more—isn’t like selling a product. You usually get paid after the work is completed, and maybe you feel worried that a contractor or homeowner won’t come through on your paycheck. You could complete all that labor and end up empty-handed and unable to pay your bills. Yikes! It’s enough to make anyone hesitant about who they choose to work with.

A Guide to Shipping Your Construction Equipment

Shipping Your Construction Equipment Construction equipment is very useful and can often singularly complete tasks without assistance from other machinery. Examples of work they can do are include heavy lifting, digging holes, and flattening of terrain. There is one thing that heavy equipment cannot do alone – relocation. For relocating, we need other large machines […]