What Are Your Lien Rights and How Do You Use Them?

Lien Rights and Troubled Contractor

It’s every contractor’s worst nightmare to lend supplies or workers for a project, only for the property owner to drag his or her feet on paying – or, in some cases, not pay at all.

This is particularly troubling, considering the fact that the work is either done or in progress, so there’s no turning back.

Not only is this bad for contractors, but subcontractors, as well, because if your boss doesn’t get paid, then neither do you.

Luckily, for contractors and mechanics, the law is on your side.

The Ultimate Guide to Sending Preliminary Lien Notices and Notice to Owner

At the beginning of a construction project, paperwork is key. Getting the project contracts reviewed, negotiated and signed are important in ensuring all the project participants understand what work is going to be done and for how much. Other documents, like change order requests, payment requisitions, and certified payroll can be just as important during […]