The Complete Guide to Subcontractor Lien Waivers

Subcontractor Lien Waivers

Construction projects are filled with lumber, nails, paint, roofing, steel and…paperwork. Yes, paperwork is an integral part of performing construction, because much of what is done must be recorded so that everyone on the project knows what to do. The paperwork often includes architectural or engineering plans, which guide the way a project is built; it also often includes contracts and purchase orders or invoices so that all the parties know the basic rights of the parties and how the work is to proceed. Payment requisitions are also part of the construction paperwork process, and for many projects, lien waivers are submitted at the same time. But what is a lien waiver and why are important?

The Ultimate Guide to Sending Preliminary Lien Notices and Notice to Owner

At the beginning of a construction project, paperwork is key. Getting the project contracts reviewed, negotiated and signed are important in ensuring all the project participants understand what work is going to be done and for how much. Other documents, like change order requests, payment requisitions, and certified payroll can be just as important during […]