About LienItNow.com

Mission Statement

LienItNow.com aims to assist the construction industry in finding affordable ways to obtain payment for work performed.


In 2007, the construction lawyers, Stephen Winkles, Steven Cohen, and Lee Tesser, founded LienItNow.com in Hackensack, New Jersey. After spending dozens of years watching contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and others do work and go without payment, they had a realization. As attorneys representing businesses in the construction industry, they realized that most people don’t actually know how to protect their receivables. Even worse, they realized construction companies were not taking necessary steps to secure payment because of the huge cost associated with hiring attorneys. With the advent of the digital era, LienItNow recognized that the internet provided an excellent platform to allow the construction industry to research, prepare and file lien documents and optimize collection results without gigantic attorney bills. With the mission statement to assist the construction industry in finding affordable ways to obtain payment for work performed, the trio aimed to set LienItNow apart as the easiest, go-to solution for all construction related lien-filing.

LienItNow.com Today

An A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau for seven years, LienitNow.com has assisted approximately 15,000 contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers collect on payment for construction materials provided and work performed. With its platform available in all 50 U.S. states, the company has secured over $1 billion in receivables in the last 5 years alone. Today, LienItNow.com continues to be the construction industry professionals’ go-to solution for filing mechanics and construction liens and related documents.

How LienItNow.com Can Help

Typically, the lien filing process can be quite difficult, however, LienItNow.com presents a simple way to file a mechanics lien online in three easy steps. After filling out an initial, quick lien document worksheet with some necessary information, the reliable and friendly staff of LienItNow.com takes care of everything else to allow you to prepare the appropriate mechanics lien forms.

Rather than working with an expensive law firm that charges by the hour, LienItNow.com helps you to save money with an affordable, low fee structure. Customers simply pay a flat fee that includes the whole lien filing process from start to finish.

Filing a construction lien claim is a right derived from statutory law. LienItNow.com, with its user-friendly website, aims to simplify the process and facilitate the proper filing of lien documents to optimize your collections efforts. LienItNow.Com files and serves preliminary notices, prelien notices, notice of furnishing, notice to owner, notice of intent to lien, stop notices, bond claims, mechanics lien amendments, and mechanics lien extensions for customers all across the country in every state.

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