You got paid!
Let's release that lien.

Lien releases: the final step after payment.  

  • Lien releases remove the lien
  • Discharging a lien is permanent
  • We'll file and serve it for you

File a Lien Release


Getting paid is great! File a lien release & finish up the lien process.

Finish your Discharge of Mechanics Lien
in less than 10 minutes

To complete your Discharge of Mechanics Lien, just answer a few questions, like:

When the mechanics' or construction lien was filed.

You can get this from the clerk's stamp on the front of the filed lien.

Where the construction or mechanics' lien was filed.

The state and county where the lien was recorded.

Document number stamped by the clerk.

Stamped on the front (or sometimes the back) of the recorded lien, this number is the clerk's way of indexing their property records.
Why use to file a lien release?
Deceptively simple, lien releases and discharges can be hard to navigate. LienItNow has the knowledge of what information goes into a release, the format in which the property records office wants the document, where and to whom to provide the release, as well as when it should be filed. You don't want to be spending time and money figuring out how to file a lien discharge. provides the construction industry online lien release forms to help contractors, sub-contractors, and material suppliers quickly complete what could otherwise take hours of work.
In three simple steps, complete a lien release in only 10 quick minutes. Once a time-consuming process for construction companies, makes filing your discharge faster and easier than ever.
LienItNow's services and products are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. While our site is based on lower cost through the power of "do it yourself", if you need help specific to your issue, you can take a look at our Attorneys Connections page to find a lawyer who can provide the assist.
What is the purpose of a discharge of mechanics lien?
When to file a discharge of mechanics lien.
What happens if I file a mechanics lien discharge before I'm paid?
Is there a guide that explains construction lien releases in detail?
How much does it cost to file a lien release?
Does my state have specific discharge form or filing requirements?

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