Payment bonds ensure, well, payment
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Payment bonds are required on most public projects, and many commercial projects.  

  • Bonds are backed by top tier companies
  • Payment bond claims secure unpaid funds
  • Pre notices before bond claims are often required

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File Construction Bond Claim

Lien Document - Bond Claim


Finish a Construction Bond Claim in less than 10 minutes:

To complete your Bond Claim, just answer a few questions, like:

  1. Name of the bonding company
  2. The name of the construction project
  3. How much you are owed for the construction work performed

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Why file a LienItNow construction bond claim?  

Bond claims could be the only way to get paid on a construction project if payment is delayed. Payment bonds are issued to protect subcontractors, suppliers, and sub-subcontractors from performing work and not getting paid.  bond claim 

Here are some reasons to complete your LienItNow bond claim: 

  • Bond claims must be completed within a limited time period.
  • Bonds claims guarantee payment of amounts due and owing.
  • Bonds are usually personally guaranteed, so claims are resolved quickly.
  • Insurance companies issue the bonds: no bounced checks.
  • Bond rights can be limited, so the earlier the claim is filed, the better.
 Need more information?

Bond claims sometimes need to be preceded by a notice of delivery of materials or a notice of commencement.  To find out more information on what is required to file a bond claim, visit our FAQ