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To complete your Amendment of Mechanics Lien, just answer a few questions, like:

  1. Your company name and address
  2. The name of the company you did work for
  3. The property location.

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lienamendmentAn amendment to a mechanics lien can be crucial to ensure that your lien is valid and enforceable. Here's a few reasons to amend a mechanics lien

  1. Last date of worked changed? You may be able to file a lien amendment.
  2. You received partial payment after filing a mechanics lien.
  3. You worked on the project after the construction lien was filed.
  4. mechanics lien amendment can revise the owner information.
  5. Construction lien amendments correct mistakes made on the original lien
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To find out more information on amendment of mechanics lien claims or what you need in order to file one, visit our FAQ section.