Lien rights expiring? Mechanics Lien Extensions keep your money secure.

Construction liens can speed up payment, but liens can expire before payment is made.

  • Lengthen the time the lien is effective
  • Keep the pressure on the property owner
  • Delays the filing of an expensive foreclosure lawsuit

File an Extension Now

LienItNow Extension of Mechanics Lien

Draft an Extension of Mechanics Lien in record time:

To complete your Extension of Mechanics Lien, just answer a few questions, like:

When the original mechanics lien was filedThe location of the construction project

How much you are owed for the work you peformed

Next Step: Get Paid Now

An extension of mechanics lien saves you time and money. Here are some reasons to complete a LienItNow Mechanics Lien Extension:

  • Foreclosure proceedings are expensive.
  • All liens come with expiration dates: extensions defer these dates for a year.
  • Extension requests must be filed before the lien expires.
  • Lien extensions make sure your security remains on the property.
  • Extensions are much easier than filing a foreclosure lawsuit.

 Need more information?

Your state may allow the filing of a mechanics lien extension. To find out more information on whether you can file an extension to a mechanics lien, visit our FAQ section.