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Lien releases: the final step after payment.  

  • Lien releases remove the lien
  • Discharging a lien is permanent
  • We'll file and serve it for you

File a Lien Release

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Finish your Release of Lien or Final Lien Waiver in less than 10 minutes:


To complete your mechanics lien discharge, just answer a few questions, like:

  1. When you received final payment
  2. When you filed your construction lien claim
  3. Your contact information

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Why file a release of lien on a construction project?

release of lienA release of lien (also known as a mechanics lien discharge or final lien waiver) generally means that you've been paid, or the construction lien dispute has otherwise been resolved. Here are some reasons for completing your LienItNow mechanics lien discharge:

  1. As a condition of payment, the construction lien usually must be discharged.
  2. The faster you discharge your lien, the faster you'll receive the payment.
  3. Failing to discharge a lien after receiving payment can result in penalties.
  4. Avoid bounced checks by asking for payment before filing a discharge.
  5. If you are paid, the law may require that you discharge your construction lien.

Depending on your State's requirements and guidelines on mechanics liens, you will find that a waiver of lien may be just as important as securing the construction lien itself. Aside from not being able to complete the transaction, failure to provide a discharge on a lien may be against the law and will harm your company in the long run. Filing a discharge entails timeliness. To meet the need for a fast discharge to receive the payment in the shortest time possible, you will need the right tools to aid you.

Here at LienItNow, we keep everything simple with three steps to creating and filing the lien waiver. All you simply have to do is fill in the required information, then sign the documents that follow. We can also help you with other management tasks for your construction business to help you focus on what needs to be done, rather than be preoccupied with handling finances.

Need more information?

To find out more information on what your State requires for a waiver of lien, visit our FAQ section.

Complete a Satisfaction of Lien in Three Easy Steps...
1. Complete our online lien discharge form at your own speed.
Answer a few questions and we'll create your construction lien release document. Our online process guides you step-by-step. Most people finish their satisfaction of lien forms in under 10 minutes.
2. We double-check your work and then do the paperwork.
After you submit the online form, our specialists help with the construction lien discharge filing process by carefully reviewing it and performing a property owner verification search.
3. Sign and return your documents, and you're finished.
We email your documents to you for signature, and when you return the signed documents we'll do the rest to file your construction lien release.