Payment bonds ensure, well, payment
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Payment bonds are required on most public projects, and many commercial projects.  

  • Bonds are backed by top tier companies
  • Payment bond claims secure unpaid funds
  • Pre notices before bond claims are often required

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LienItNow Preliminary Notice on Bond (Pre-Bond Claim Notice)

Finish your Preliminary Notice on Bond in less than 10 minutes:


To complete your Prebond Notice, just answer a few questions, like:

  1. Your company name and address
  2. The name of the company you did work for
  3. The property location.

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prebond noticePreliminary Notices on Bond protect your right to file a bond claim. Here are some reasons to complete a LienItNow preliminary notice on bond:

* In many states, pre-notices on bond claims are required to place a claim on a bond.

* Pre-bond notices let the contractor know you are a beneficiary under the bond and that you may place a claim against the payment bond if you do not receive payment in full for the work you performed.

* If money is owed to you, you can send a preliminary bond notice as a warning.

* Maximize the amount of your bond claim by filing a pre-notice on bond early.

* Contractors and sureties who received notice that you are owed money usually investigate.

Failure to submit a prebond notice may preclude you from making a bond claim! Send a prebond notice today.

Need more information?

In many States, pre-notices on bonds are required to be served prior to the filing of a bond claim.  Find out more information on your State's preliminary notices on bond requirements by visiting our FAQ section.