Give notice!
You can't get paid if they don't know you're working.

Notices to owners are practical, and should be part of your job start prep:

  • A Notice to Owner tells the owner you're working
  • It's easier to get paid with a Notice of Furnishing
  • Preliminary notices are crucial for subcontractors and material suppliers

Get Paid Faster

LienItNow Notice of Furnishing (NOF)

Complete your Notice of Furnishing in just a few minutes:lienpencil

A Notice of Furnishing on a construction project not only provides the project owner and prime contractor notice that you are furnishing materials or services to the project, but also acts as your calling card so they can contact you about current or future work. And just as exciting, when you send a Notice of Furnishing to an owner of a construction project, you  ensure that, if payment is delayed or not coming, all construction lien rights are protected.

To complete a Notice of Furnishing through LienItNow, just answer a few questions, like:

  1.  What's your company name and contact info?
  2.  What's the value of the materials or services you're providing?
  3.  A description of the work or materials you are providing.

Next Step:  Get started

notice of furnishingNotices of Furnishing protect your right to file a mechanics lien. Why should you complete a LienItNow NOF?

* In many states, Notices of Furnishing are required before you can file a construction lien.

Notices of Furnishing tell the owner you are providing labor or materials to their jobsite.

Letting an Owner know you're doing work for them can be a great way to get your information out there, and get more work.

In many states, the Notice of Furnishing is statutory. That means they are required, and if you don't send one, you're violating the law.

Need more information?

In many States, notices of furnishing are required to be served prior to the filing of a mechanics lien.  Find out more information on your State's notice of furnishing requirements by visiting our FAQ section.

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