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LienItNow Notice of Intent to Lien

Finish your Notice of Intent to Lien Quickly and Easily with LienItNow:lienpencil

A Notice of Intent to Lien is used to warn the construction property owner that a construction lien or mechanics lien is about to filed on their construction site.

To complete a Notice of Intent to Lien, just answer a few questions, like:

  1. The last day you provided materials or services
  2. How much you are owed for the work you did
  3. The name of the owners of the property

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Notice of Intent to LienNotices of Intent to Lien protect your right to file a construction lien. Here are some reasons to complete a LienItNow notice of intent to lien:

* In many states, notice of intent are required to secure a mechanics lien.

* Notices of intent let the owner know you are owed money on the construction project.

* If money is owed to you, you can send a notice of intent as a warning.

* Notices of intent to lien are required by statute. If you don't send one, your construction lien may be invalid.

* Owners try to avoid construction liens, and often try to get you paid before you file a construction lien.

Need more information?

In many States, notices of intent are required to be served prior to the filing of a mechanics lien.  Find out more information on your State's notice of intent requirements by visiting our FAQ section.