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LienItNow Extension of Mechanics Lien FAQS

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To complete your Extension of Mechanics Lien, just answer a few questions, like:
1. When you filed your original lien
2. Your last date of work
3. Whether you've ever filed for an extension

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Flat low price of $85 to Extend a Mechanics Lien includes:
*Review of the information you submit by our specialists
*Verification of the current property owner
*Drafting of and service/filing of the mechanics lien extension.


Does my mechanics lien last forever once filed?

No.  All mechanics liens come with an expiration date. Some States allow mechanics liens to exist for longer periods, but all mechanics liens eventually expire.

What do I do if my mechanics lien is about to expire?

For mechanics liens filed in most States, the only way to avoid a mechanics lien expiring is to file a lawsuit foreclosing on the lien.  In a couple of states, however, a mechanics lien can be extended for certain periods of time.

Can I file an extension of mechanics lien?

It depends what State you're in. Since every State regulates the expiration date for mechanics liens filed in their jurisdictions, knowing those dates can be crucial to enforcing a mechanics lien claim.

A couple of States permit the extension of mechanics liens. In those States, whether the original expiration date is 4 months or 2 years, the lienor can file to extend its mechanics lien and delay having to take further action on the lien.  Eventually a lienor must file an action in court to foreclose on a mechanics lien that has not been paid. The purpose of filing an extension is to allow the lienor an additional period of time before it is forced to foreclose on the mechanics lien.

Need more information?

Most States do not permit the filing of an extension of mechanics liens. To find out more information on what is required to file an extension to a mechanics lien, visit our FAQ section.

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