Bond and Lien Double ProtectionFiling a Mechanics Lien and a Bond Claim

Provides Double Protection

When you are faced with an owner, contractor or subcontractor that's not paying you, whether its on a public project or a private project, you may have the opportunity to file a bond claim and a mechanics lien.  Filing both could dramatically increase your ability to collect the money. Get started

Increase Your Chance of Collecting by Using Bond Claims and Mechanics Liens

Working on a project where the general or prime contractors posted a bond? Filing a claim against that bond as well as a mechanics lien provides you with two avenues to protect the money due to you.

  While a mechanics lien attaches to the property, similar to a mortgage, the bond is backed by a large insurance company.  Use all the tools at your disposal by ordering both a mechanics lien and a bond claim. 

In some jurisdictions, depending on your role on the project, preliminary notices are required in order to file a bond claim or a lien claim.  Make sure you know the rules about preliminary or prelien notices by reading our FAQ Section.   

By filing a bond claim and a mechanics lien claim, you can double the pressure on the person that owes you money, and increase the likelihood that you will get paid for the work you performed.

Make sure you don't loose your bond claim or mechanics lien rights: file the bond claim and the mechanics lien early to avoid violating any statutory time periods. To read more about bond claims, mechanics liens and their preliminary notices, visit's FAQ Section.

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