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Notice of Furnishing FAQS


Notice of Furnishing FAQWhat is a notice of furnishing?

A notice of furnishing was created because construction jobsites were being subjected to construction liens and mechanics liens, but the owners of the properties had no idea the construction lienors were even working on the project or delivering materials to the project. The notice of furnishing provides notice to owners of construction projects who the subcontractors and suppliers are that are providing labor and materials to the job.

When is a notice of furnishing required?

A notice of furnishing is best sent to the owner at the beginning of when the subcontractor starts work or when a supplier first delivers materials. The notice of furnishing is required when materials or services are provided to a construction site by someone who does not have a contract with the owner (i.e. subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, suppliers).

What is the purpose of a notice of furnishing?

The purpose of a notice of furnishing is to tell the owner who is providing labor and materials to the construction project. The notice of furnishing provides the owner with the subcontractor and suppliers' information, allowing the owner to contact them to inquire as to whether payment has been made by the prime contractor, and to avoid the filing of a mechanics lien or construction lien on the construction property.

Need more information?

To find out more information on what is required for a notice of furnishing, visit our FAQ section.

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