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Why LienItNow? provides online mechanics lien forms to help contractors, sub-contractors, and suppliers secure the payment they need. In three simple steps, complete your mechanics lien on your own time in only 10 quick minutes. Once a time-consuming process for construction companies, makes filing your mechanics lien faster and easier than ever. can also help you create bond claims, pre-lien notices and lien releases.

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What is a Pennsylvania mechanics' lien ?

The Pennsylvania mechanics lien law is legislation that was enacted to protect workers, subcontractors, suppliers and contractors from not getting paid for services provided on construction projects. The purpose of the PA lien law is to allow those who improve property, and are not paid for their work, to use that property as a type of security or collateral, with the right to foreclosure upon it or sell it if the owner is unable to pay for the improvements. A mechanics lien in PA is filed with a local protonotary, and is recorded on the land records of the improved construction project. In Pennsylvania, those liens filed on the land records of private property attach to the property, making it difficult for the owner to sell it or for the owner to otherwise transfer the property. Liens also make it difficult for the owner to finance, or refinance, a mortgage. When a lien is filed on a public project, instead of being filed on the real estate, the lien freezes the funds.

PA mechanics lien law makes the filing of a lien claim especially effective for obtaining payment. When a mechanics lien is filed, owners often attempt to quickly resolve the lien so that the property is free and clear of any issues caused by the encumbrance. If a lien is not dealt with by the owner, the person that filed the lien can foreclose on the property, essentially forcing a sale, and get paid out of the proceeds of the property sale. For that reason, a lien on a property is an important tool for getting paid.

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Who can file a Pennsylvania mechanics lien?
Are pre-lien notices required to file a Pennsylvania mechanics lien?
Can you file a Pennsylvania mechanics lien without first filing a pre-lien notice?
When should a Pennsylvania mechanics lien be filed?
How much does it cost to file a Pennsylvania mechanics' lien ?
Do I need a written contract to file a Pennsylvania mechanics lien?
How does filing a Pennsylvania mechanics' lien help me get my money?

The Pennsylvania mechanics' lien places an encumbrance on the property that makes it difficult to resell or refinance the property without first removing the lien.

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What is a Pennsylvania Stop Notice and why should it be filed
What is an Pennsylvania Amendment to a mechanics' lien Claim?
When should a Pennsylvania Discharge of mechanics' lien claim be filed?
How much does it cost to file a Pennsylvania Extension of a mechanics' lien Claim?
Can I file a Bond Claim on a Pennsylvania Project?
Do I need to file a Pre-Notice to make a claim against a Pennsylvania payment bond?

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