"Used the chat feature and was VERY helpful."

- Pamela J 5.0
Lien It Now Reviews
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"I hate filing liens and typically don't because of it. In other words the homeowner usually wins by attrition because I move on to another job and just eat the cost. This site makes it easy so I have a fighting chance of getting paid. The form is pretty simple and easy to fill out. Well worth the fifty bucks for the full service including filing fees. Get paid!"

- Ron M

"Great job"

- Ernie C

"Very Easy and reliable can count on you every time."

- AC Perfections Inc. K

"Had a poor phone connection and Cherrie (sp) was very patient and helpful with everything. Very glad I called and will recommend."

- Michael G

"The price wasnt too bad, it was very easy to do, and the customer service was excellent"

- Dustin Johnson J

"The Lien it Now Team is always very helpful and customer service is awesome."

- Marty K

"Great!!! Remember, California is one of two states that does not require the initial lien signature to be notarized. Thanks!!"




"Thank you for making things much easier!"

- juan m

"First, the timely and efficient way things are done, 2nd, the people behind the "chat" have been very helpful and I must say, very delightful. Thank you!"

- LinJac Enterprise E

"Very good, as long as lien is placed properly."

- William K

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