Nebraska’s Mechanic Lien Requirements

In Nebraska, liens filed on private property or on funds relating to a public project are known as Mechanic’s Liens. Nebraska construction liens are regulated by the Nebraska Construction Lien Act, which generally provides for liens against real estate in favor or any person who furnished services for materials under a real estate improvement contract.  […]

Filing Your Nebraska Lien

Nebraska Lien Filing Who Can File: Anyone who has provided work that changes the condition of the property is entitled to a mechanic’s lien.  However, suppliers of suppliers and and Claimant in the tiers below cannot file as their relationship to the project is too distant. What Can Be Claimed: Anything that changes the condition of the […]

Are Pay If Paid Clauses Enforceable?

An age old story in construction is as follows: the owner doesn’t pay the contractor, and a subcontractor, who has performed its work diligently and according to its contract, doesn’t get paid either. Most of these situations arise because the subcontract contains “pay when paid” or “pay-if-paid” clauses. These clauses shift the risk of nonpayment […]