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What is an amendment of construction lien?

An amendment of mechanics lien is a document that is filed after a mechanics lien is filed in order to change or correct something on the mechanics lien itself.

When should a mechanics lien amendment be filed?

An amendment of mechanics lien should be filed when the amount owed to the lienor changes. If the amount owed increases, then it is generally the lienor's decision to file an amendment to the mechanics lien.  If the amount owed decreases due to payment or some other factor, then the owner usually requests the amendment. 

In some specific cases, amendments can be made to make corrections a construction lien, such as a new last date of work or a incorrectly typed owner's address.

Need more information?

Not all States permit the filing of amendments to mechanics liens.  To find out more information on what your State permits, visit our FAQ section.