Ohio County Recorder Launches Owner Notification System

A County Recorder has determined a way to help owners determine what is being recorded on their property at any given time. Lorain County Recorder Judy Nedwick has launched a new system that will notify property owners by e-mail or text message whenever a document is filed regarding their property. Those interested in the service can sign up for free on the county’s website, LorainCounty.com/Recorder.

While the purpose of the new system is intended to help prevent real estate fraud, it could have many uses for people who are actually filing the liens. In many cases, the owner has no idea subcontractors are owed money until well after they file the mechancis liens. This new system would give owners immediate notification that money is owed to people and companies performing work on their properties.

An interesting article by the Ohio based Chronicle Telegram details the story. Nedwick said she was approached about helping develop PropertyCheck around the same time as her office was dealing with a fake mechanic’s lien that had been placed on an Elyria, Ohio home.

The owners never had any work done on their house and had never met the lienors. They had no idea about the lien until another man contacted them wanting to collect on the lien he claimed to have purchased from the lienor for $10,000.