AGC Federal Contractors Conference Scheduled for April 2012

Conferences can be a great way to get some work – or in some cases a great way to stay too late at the bar. The bottom line is that attendng a conference is hit or miss, but when you hit, it can be great. A couple of LienItNow’s customers have mentioned that they are going to be attending the AGC Federal Contractors Conference. We looked into it, and it looks like it has some great potential. Here’s a description of the conference fromm AGC’s own website. For more information, visit the AGC Website.

The AGC Federal Contractors Conference is a national event where AGC contractors and Federal agency personnel can meet in a neutral forum and review procurement and contracting issues from around the United States. These insightful and highly productive exchanges have solidified the need for both Federal construction contractors and the Federal construction agencies to share information on a wide variety of issues and foster better communication and real solutions.

Who Should Attend?

If you are engaged in any aspect of constructing, designing, or planning a Federal project and you are a general contractor, specialty contractor, service/supplier, attorney or any other important stakeholder already engaged in the Federal market, this conference has a place for you. If you are interested in learning more about Federal contracting opportunities and how to get started, this conference is a great place to begin your learning experience. AGC chapter leadership and staff are also invited to attend and be a part of this great meeting.

AGC contractor members who perform Federal work are served by two Occupational Divisions – the Federal and Heavy Construction and the Highway and Transportation. Division members perform a diverse range of projects including building construction for agencies such as the General Services Administration, military construction projects for our Armed Services, highway and transportation projects for our nation, and water resources projects that benefit our nation’s navigation and flood control. The Occupational Divisions provide members from specific industry segments the opportunity to stay informed of emerging issues and trends that are relevant to the type of construction work they perform every day.

If you have any questions regarding the 2012 Federal Contractors Conference or are interested in sponsoring an event at the Conference, please contact AGC of America’s Federal & Heavy Construction Division Staff:
Brynn Tupper | Program Coordinator | Construction Markets | (703) 837-5376