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toolboxWe’re Glad You Used It.
The ACTNOW coupon that provided a 10% discount generated a lot of responses from our customers. With usage of the coupon through the roof, we extended it through the entire Winter season. But if you want to take advantage, you only have until the end of this week, so make sure to ACTNOW to take advantage of the lowest pricing we will offer this year.
Pricing Alert!
We know you love our fair pricing, making us the most competitive lien filing company in the industry: and we’ve loved it too.  But over the last couple of years as city, county and state governments have felt the squeeze of the recession, they have increased taxes and fees, including fees to file a mechanics lien. Our delivery services, including the U.S. Postal Service, have also raised prices. While we’ve held off as long as we can, in order to account for these increased costs, we do need to finally make appropriate pricing adjustments. Starting April 1, 2012, our prices for mechanics liens and construction liens will be increased to $275.00.Liens are the only product that are seeing an increase in cost: we’re keeping the prices for all other products the same.

To soften the blow, from April 1, 2012 until May 31, 2012 existing customers can still get $25.00 off their lien orders by using coupon code PRICEBREAK.