Cool Post of the Day: Auto Car Wash Makes it to Skyscrapers

An automated window washer for high rise buildings? Well that’s what Skydrowasher(TM) Window and Building Washing System does.  It’s an automated washing solution for high-rise window cleaning services and commercial building owners.

Sky Pro manufactures the systems, and claims that it cleans a high-rise building’s windows and exterior using high pressure water to “scrub” the surface from a distance up to three feet. The Dual Skydrowasher(TM) High Pressure Window and Building Washing System is ideal for “cleaning buildings with window offsets, curves, recesses, overhangs, protrusions, inset glass, asymmetrical frames or other architectural features that make traditional cleaning methods difficult, if not impossible.”

The System uses turbo nozzles mounted within a high-impact plastic shell, and it does not require electricity to operate as it runs on water pressure alone! Pretty cool.  The dual Skydrowasher can clean at an incredible rate of 18,900 square feet per hour or 315 square feet per minute. At this speed, the Dual Skydrowasher(TM) System cleans 7 to 10 faster than two men on a scaffold.

If you are an architect, building owner, window washing company, building management or maintenance company, you might want to take a look at the Sky Pro System.

For more information, visit or call Mike Dancha at 1-800-800-WASH.