Mechanics Lien Foreclosure Deadlines – Calendar Them A Month Ahead

Mechanics lien foreclosure deadlines are strict. As short as four months after the filing of a construction lien to as much as three years after the last date of work, each state has different rules for when a mechanics lien must be foreclosed upon. If a suit for foreclosure is not filed within the time frame required by law, the lien may become invalid.

For each lien you file, when you get it back from the clerk, make sure to put the lien foreclosure date in your calendar. The construction lien foreclosure dates can be far away, and there’s no guaranteeing that, a year from now, you’ll just happen to remember that you need to foreclose on the lien you filed a year ago.

If the lienor is a company, you will have to use an attorney.  If you don’t already have an attorney to help you with legal matters, or you don’t have a construction attorney, give a call at 888-543-6765 to find out if they have an construction attorney suggestion in your area that may be able to help you.

You can also check out LienItNow’s attorney referral page by clicking here.