Final Acceptance of Work on a Construction Project – Implications – Part 5 of 5

We want to thank you for reading our last few posts on final acceptance of work on construction projects and the implications they have. We hope you’ve learned some things about what final acceptance means, the exceptions to final acceptance of work, and how it will affect your projects. Also, we’d like to thank Joseph C. Staak of Smith Currie & Hanckcok for his excellent article, on which this series was based.
Remember, after final acceptance, depending on the contract language, the owner’s rights against the contractor can be limited to its warranty rights and rights to demand correction of latent defects. Otherwise, final acceptance of the work, whether complying with the specification or not, is final and binding on the owner. It is therefore important for a contractor to be aware of when this significant milestone is reached on its contracts and ensure that this event is appropriately documented.