Pennsylvania Passes Real Property Electronic Recording Act

The Pennsylvania General Assembly recently passed the Real Property Electronic Recording Act.  H.B. 970, passed the Senate as amended 49-0 on June 25, and passed the House on concurrence 198-0 on June 29. The bill brings into Pennsylvania law the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act.
The Act’s purpose is to allow county clerks and recorders to electronically record information on real property and land records.  As the drafter of the Uniform Act stated, “electronic information technology has progressed rapidly in recent years” and “innovations in software, hardware, communications technology and security protocols have made it technically feasible to create, sign and transmit real estate transactions electronically.”  The Act authorizes, for example, county recorders of deeds to receive electronic documents as a means for recording real property.  It also permits “electronic signatures” for certain documents. This could make the recording of Pennsylvania Mechanics Liens much faster, and help companies more easily comply with the PA mechanics lien law service rules.