Wayne Manor, Home of Batman, Valued at $31.1 Million

With housing prices now back on the mend, and the new Batman movie racking it in at the box office, several sites have looked at the (fictitious) Wayne Manor, home of Bruce Wayne, and tried to give it a value. The estimates vary widely, and make some broad assumptions (like how many acres it would include and that it was rebuilt after it was burned down in the first movie).

A recent web posting gives the appraised value of Wayne Manor, the fictitious home of Bruce Wayne, Batman’s alter ego, as $32.1 million. The posting cites an appraisal by Movoto.com as the source for that valuation, and the Movoto site does identify comparable nearby properties. The Movoto site also contains a listing for the property that contains demographic information as well as information on the local school district. The appraisal values the 42,500 sq. ft. home on 150 acres without the hidden Batcave below. However, Forbes included Wayne Manor and the Batcave together in its listing of most expensive fictitious properties, where it valued the complete package at $105 million.

But as they say in France, it’s not the price of the castle, it’s the cost to maintain it that kills you!