Innovative Website Seeks to Sell Real Estate Quickly in North Texas

Dallas/Forth Worth Website Provides Detailed Information on Properties

Innovation in the real estate industry, especially with online startups, is taking off, and becoming more local. While Zillow, StreetEasy, and Tulia provide real estate listings and a wealth of information about properties, those websites are missing one thing: local knowledge and information about the condition of properties.
A new website recently set up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is attempting to ease the process of selling and buying real estate. The website is set up for both residential and commercial properties, with the goal of making the sales quickly. The website is designed to help buyers find real estate across North Texas.
According to news reports, the website was set up by licensed Realtor Jeff Morser, who indicated that the website will have content for distressed properties, including those that are damaged, or are encumbered by tax liens or Texas mechanics liens.
It can be difficult to sell a property that is subjected to a mechanics lien, or other type of lien, so the inclusion of this information from the start may help both sellers and buyers achieve a faster sale.  Knowing information up front on the condition of the property, including the condition of title, will help avoid a surprise in the long run.