North Carolina Changes to Mechanics Lien Law Requires New Forms of Service

In North Carolina, beginning January 1, 2013, all claims of lien on real property must be served on the owner, and a claim of lien on real property asserted by a subcontractor or supplier by subrogation must be served upon the contractor as well as the owner. Prior law allowed a North Carolina claim of lien […]

Changes in North Carolina’s Lien Law – Chaotic – Confusing – But Here’s What We Know So Far

Over a month ago we reported on an open letter from the title insurance industry to North Carolina. The letter basically said North Carolina’s laws on mechanics liens are confusing, causing enormous problems, and need to get in line with the more sensible laws of the 49 other states. The end of the open letter […]

North Carolina Court Holds that Waivers Affect Mechanics Lien Rights

Be careful when signing waivers: they do exactly what they say they do: they can waive your rights to money and the right to file a mechanics lien. In Wachovia Bank v. Superior Construction Corporation the court found that a waiver submitted in connection with a progress payment waived rights to make North Carolina mechanics lien claims […]