Filing Califonia Mechanic’s Liens

In California, liens filed on private property are known as Mechanic’s Liens. When a California mechanic’s lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers the fee simple ownership of property. In most circumstances, California does not allow mechanic’s liens to be filed on government owned property. […]

Arkansas Pre-Lien Notices for Residential Projects

On a residential project, a General Contractor is required to provide a Pre-Construction Notice to Owner PRIOR to the start of work or all lien rights are invalidated.  Although the general contractor’s notice to owner covers the subcontractors and suppliers, in the event that he fail to give the required notice, the subcontractors and suppliers are left out […]

Filing Your South Dakota Mechanic’s Lien

Rules for Filing an South Dakota Mechanic’s LienWho Can File: Anyone supplying labor, work, or materials for a project can file.  This includes professional services such as architecture engineering, and surveying.  Only work or labor relating to the project that has already been furnished can be claimed by a claimant.  Additionally, no written contract is required.  An […]

The Mechanics of filing an Alaska Mechanic’s Lien

The most difficult part of filing a lien is making sure you complete each required step within the correct timeline.  To place a mechanic’s lien in Alaska, if a Notice of Completion is not recorded by the property owner, the Claim of Lien must be recorded no later than 120 days after the completion of the construction […]

Prelien Notice and Notice of Furnishing and Notice to Owner, oh my! Which is Which?

As if filing a lien wasn’t confusing enough, each state has its own requirements about what you need to do before you file the lien.  Pennsylvania requires that subcontractors provide the owner with a prelien notice 30 days before they file a lien. New Jersey requires that on public projects a notice of furnishing be […]