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We're all busy, and sometimes we just don't have time to finish what we started before the next phone call or task pops up. At LienItNow, we understand that our customers don't always have all the information they need at their fingertips when they start filling out our online worksheets. With our new auto-save feature, you don't have to worry about rushing to finish your order before that next meeting. Whether you are completing a Notice to Owner, a prelien notice, a construction lien or a lien release - any document you start will be saved until you come back to finish it. Here's how it works:

  • Begin completing a questionnaire.
  • Every time you complete a step and click "Next", your information will automatically be saved.
  • Come back any time and finish your order.

If you logged in before you started, your "pending form" will be saved to your account. If you didn't log in, don't worry, you'll automatically receive an email with a link giving you access to your pending form. By just clicking on the emailed link, you can finish the document you started right where you left off. No need to input information more than once. And no need to go shuffling through those invoices and documents to find the information you've already entered into the lien worksheet. 

It's just that easy. With this new auto save feature, you can go to that important meeting, look up the project information you don't have at your fingertips, or grab a cup of coffee without losing the information you've already completed. Another way we are helping our customers to make sure they can lien it now.


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 Seamless Handoff = Finish Anytime, Anywhere 

Yeah, we know construction liens ask for a lot of information...some of it not always at your fingertips.  Don't worry, we'll wait for you to find the info.

Lien documents you can start now and finish later

Our new "save for later" option allows you to start your construction lien document now, go to that important meeting, and finish it up in an hour...or even next week. Just make sure you've signed in before you exit out of the questionnaire you're completing. 

LienItNow Handoff allows you to start on one device and finish on another.

Continuity isn't only important on your construction project, its also important when you're working on the web. LienItNow's save for later feature allows you to start your lien on your work computer, keep working on the document on your smart phone in the field, and finish up on your computer at home.  Just make you're signed in, and when you sign in on your other devices, the order you started will be waiting for you.

Check Your Order Status On Any Device.

Once the order is finished, you can access your order status, send us messages (or check ones we've sent you) and download your forms from any device, anywhere.  

Find Your In Progress Document Under "Pending Documents."

To find that document you've been working on, just log into your account, and you'll see a section called "pending documents." Click on the green edit button and you can change or add any needed information.

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Preliminary Notices - Notices of Intent - Prelien Notices

So Many Names, but Only One Meaning.

  • Preliminary notices, notices of intent, prelien notices all have the same meaning: I'm going to file a mechanics lien if I don't receive payment.
  • Preliminary Notice Requirements: Mandatory or Not?
  • Nearly all preliminary notice requirements have regulatory loopholes, but it's never good to have to figure out if you fit into a preliminary notice loophole.
  • LienItNow's Preliminary Notice Filing Service
  • The preliminary notice filing services provided by LienItNow includes the drafting, filing (if required) and service of the preliminary notice.

FIle a Prelien Now 


We often are asked why we believe it is so important to file a mechanics lien. The short answer is that filing a mechanics lien protects your hard earned money by securitizing it. A mechanics lien is a valuable statutory tool that you can use to help your company keep itself from losing out on payment for work that it performed.

Don't Miss Out on the Valuable Effects Provides by a Mechanics Lien Claim

Why file a mechanics lien today? Now that's a question that's easy to answer. Mechanics liens are valuable tools that help you to ensure that payments not made are at least secured by the property on which you performed work or provided materials.  But you'll need to make sure you comply with some regulations first so you can make sure your lien is enforceable and effective for its intended purpose: to get you paid.

LienItNow Mechanics Lien Tip #1: file early - preferably soon after the money you're owed is overdue.

 Stop Notices Freeze Funds Until Payment Is Made

When should a stop notice be served? How does a stop notice help me with payment? Who should receive a stop notice? All these questions are asked of our customer service representatives on a daily basis.

A Stop Notice Can Be Sent at Any Time, With a Powerful Impact

 File a Stop Notice

Why should I file a stop notice? Now that's a question we get a lot. Many people don't see the value in filing a stop notice, especially since mechanics liens are such valuable tools.  But stop notices can enhance a mechanics lien.  Stop notices can also be a gentler way to notify everyone you have not been paid before going through the more complicated mechanics lien process. In some states, those who are served with a stop notice are required to completely stop providing payments on a project until the issues relating to the stop notice have been resolved.  A few tips on serving a stop notice are below:

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