Bond and Lien Double ProtectionFiling a Mechanics Lien and a Bond Claim

Provides Double Protection

When you are faced with an owner, contractor or subcontractor that's not paying you, whether its on a public project or a private project, you may have the opportunity to file a bond claim and a mechanics lien.  Filing both could dramatically increase your ability to collect the money. Get started

Increase Your Chance of Collecting by Using Bond Claims and Mechanics Liens

Working on a project where the general or prime contractors posted a bond? Filing a claim against that bond as well as a mechanics lien provides you with two avenues to protect the money due to you.

How to Make the Most of Your Mechanics Lien

1. Put the Pressure On and Collect:

Match your mechanics lien with a bond claim or a stop notice and increase the odds of collecting.

File Now

2. Preliens - Necessary Protection.

Don't just roll the dice and hope you'll get paid on a project. File a prelien when you start: most States require it.

File a Prelien

3. Move It or Lose It.

Filing deadlines are tight and strict, so don't make a mistake by waiting until its too late to file your claim.

FIle Now

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