Rental Demand Drives New Commercial Construction in Southern California

The long dry spell in Los Angeles’s commercial construction market may be comming to a close.  The Los Angeles Times recently reported that commercial real estate developers are building again, buoyed by strong demand for apartments. With unemployment still high and Americans still skittish about putting their money in a house that may still decline in value, […]

Credit Manager Solutions: Part 3 of the Series: Deciding to File a Mechanics Lien

Deciding to file a mechanics lien is a often a difficult decision. It should not be.  Many companies do not want to upset their customers by filing a mechanics lien, but a mechanics lien is the only way that the law permits you to securitize the value of the labor and materials you provided to a project. Rather […]

Credit Manager Solutions: Part 2 of the Series: Security & Collections

Credit managers aren’t lawyers, but they do need to know the law…at least as it relates to keeping their receivables secure and preserving the company’s legal right to collect. When securing a receivable is not done, or isn’t done correctly, collecting the money owed can become more difficult. Construction projects in general provide a special […]

Cool Post of the Day: Auto Car Wash Makes it to Skyscrapers

An automated window washer for high rise buildings? Well that’s what Skydrowasher(TM) Window and Building Washing System does.  It’s an automated washing solution for high-rise window cleaning services and commercial building owners. Sky Pro manufactures the systems, and claims that it cleans a high-rise building’s windows and exterior using high pressure water to “scrub” the […]