Colorado Court Strikes Mechanics Lien with an Overstated Amount

  Colorado, like many states, allows mechanics liens to be placed on property where a prime contractor, subcontractor, supplier, and laborer performed work. In Colorado, as in all states, mechanics liens are filed on construction projects. But the mechanics lien laws are a double edged sword, and the lienor must be sure that he is properly liening the […]

Thomas Jefferson: The Founding Father of Mechanics Liens

When we think of our laws relating to construction, we generally think of them as something that have evolved over time, and that were generally enacted in the 20th Century.  Who knew, though, that the mechanics lien was introduced through Thomas Jefferson: founding father of the United States of America? That means is that protection through […]

Credit Manager Solutions: Part 3 of the Series: Deciding to File a Mechanics Lien

Deciding to file a mechanics lien is a often a difficult decision. It should not be.  Many companies do not want to upset their customers by filing a mechanics lien, but a mechanics lien is the only way that the law permits you to securitize the value of the labor and materials you provided to a project. Rather […]