For Tennessee Mechanics Lien Filing: One Project, Multiple Properties, Equals Multiple Liens

All materialmen must comply with the Tennessee Mechanics and Materialmens Lien Act, Tenn. Code Ann. §66-11-101 et seq. The requirements of the Tennessee Mechanics and Materialmens Lien Act must be followed in order for any lien claimant to have a valid mechanics or materialmens lien.
In some cases, multiple mechanics liens may be required even when there is one contract or project. In court rulings, it has been held that Tennessee law requires that the materialmen that provide materials that are used in the construction of multiple townhome units, the lienor was required to file a separate mechanics lien for each townhouse. Filing one lien on all of the properties was improper. The court case regarding this ruling on Tennessee mechanics lien is Williamson County Ready Mix, Inc. v. Pulte Homes Tennessee Limited Partnership, No. M2007-COA-R3-CV (MD Tenn. M.D. 2008) 

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