Real Estate Bust Hasn’t Dimmed Americans’ Faith in Real Estate

As reported by the Wall Street Journal Despite an extended slump in real-estate prices, most Americans still believe homes are the best investment, according to this a survey released today by the Pew Research Center. According to the results of a telephone survey conducted in March, Pew found eight-in-ten adults believed a home was the best […]

Bill Introduced in New Jersey Would Amend Consumer Fraud Act

The current incarnation of New Jersey’s Consumer Fraud Act leaves commercial enterprises, from carpet installers to home improvement contractors, at the mercy of the courts. With remedies including refunds, treble damages, voiding of contracts, and mandatory attorneys fees, the Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) is, perhaps, among the strongest in the United States. The CFA permits […]

New Jersey Revises Construction Lien Law

Powerpoint Summary of New Jersey Lien Law Revisions On January 5, 2011, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey signed into law revisions to the Construction Lien Law Statute.  The changes affect only commercial and private projects, and have no bearing on the Municipal Mechanics Lien Law, which relates only to government projects. The bill revises […]