New Construction for UT in Texas

According to The Daily Texan Online, new construction for a University in UT is underway.  The construction project is estimated to cost $334 million and is scheduled to conclude in May 2016.  The project consist of new research, educational and administrative buildings for the university. The main phase of the construction is the building of […]

New Kroger Store Approved in Memphis

According to Bizjournal, the Memphis Shelby Country Board of Adjustment gave the go-ahead for construction of a new store to begin at the location of Union Ave. in midtown for Kroger.  The old store will be demolished for parking to accompany the new store location.  The design is being led by The Pickering Firm, which has […]

New Research on Apartment Development in Texas

According to GlobeST,  Dallas is notwithstanding a surge of new apartments that should be here by the end of the year.  Axiometrics, which is located in the local area, noted on Tuesday that the national rent growth grew slightly during the third quarter.  Axiometrics did report concerns about oversupplying a metropolitan area due to new […]

Boost for Single-Family Homes by U.S. Builders

According to ABC News, work on single-family homes by U.S. builders were at a high from 6 months ago during the month of August.  Not only was the present construction work high during August, but permits were also requested by the workers for even more future builds for the months ahead, despite higher mortgage rates.   The building of […]