Chicago’s First District Decision to Overlook Inaccuracies from “Mom and Pop” Construction Companies

Chicago’s First District recently decided to approve two liens submitted by small construction companies, even with some inaccuracies made in the claim. According to the article “Contractors’ Honest Mistake in Lien Completion Date And Amounts Doesn’t Doom Mechanic’s Lien Case (IL Law)” written by Paul Porvaznik, two relatively small construction companies made mistakes when completing their […]

Higgins Road Bike Trail

Chicago’s Higgins Road will begin construction for a bicycle and pedestrian bring starting Monday, July 8. The construction for this bridge will not be obstructing the current biking path, at least not until December, and even then, they feel that construction will not be a problem for them. The trail should cost about 2.8 million, […]

Illinois Mechanics Lien Filing “How To”

In Illinois, liens filed on private property or on funds relating to a public project are known as Mechanic’s Liens. When an Illinois mechanics lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers the fee simple ownership of property. Illinois construction liens on public property to do not […]