Oregon’s Mechanic Lien Requirements

In the state of Oregon, liens filed on private property are known as mechanics’ liens . On public projects, Oregon law does not authorize construction liens. Rather, contractors are protected by payment bond claims. When an Oregon mechanics lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers […]

Oregon Construction Lien Filing

How to Be Sure You Are Within Your Lien Rights in Oregon Filing your construction lien in Oregon can be a very straightforward process, provided all of the requirements are met.  Oregon requires that everyone entitled to file a lien must be registered in the state.  Without this registration, your lien claim may not be […]

Residential Construction Protection Makes Its Way Into Oregon Lien Law

Just a reminder that Oregon’s construction lien law was amended with two fairly important changes. Both amendments relate to Oregon residential construction liens.  When entering into a contract with a homeowner, Oregon prohibits the owner from waiving its protection from potential claims of Oregon Mechanics liens. Oregon also has added a clause to the law that prohibits unlicensed subcontractors, or those supplying materials, equipment […]