California’s Mechanics Lien

In California, liens filed on private property are known as Mechanic’s Liens. When a California mechanics lien is filed with regard to work performed on privately owned property, it attaches to and encumbers the fee simple ownership of property.In most circumstances, California does not allow mechanics liens to be filed on government owned property.  However, […]

Lien Filed in West Virginia

This news article based in Weirton, West Virginia gives a valid description of the reasoning behind filing a Mechanic’s Lien. Kokosing Construction Co. had done work on the Weirton Port, however they were never paid for their labor. They filed the mechanics lien for $513,350, which is the balance due to them. Before they filed […]

Arkansas Pre-Lien Notices for Commercial Projects

In Arkansas, lien claimants on commercial projects are required to provide a Notice to Owner and Contractor (also known as a pre-lien) within 75 days of last providing work or materials to the project. The Notice to Owner must be served to both the Owner and the General Contractor whether be hand-delivered or mailed via return receipt requested, […]

The Importance of Arizona Preliminary Notices

 A Preliminary 20-day Notice (pre-lien) is required by Arizona law to be sent by every person (including the general contractor) who furnishes labor, professional services, or materials to preserve their lien rights.  The Notice must be given no later than 20 days after the claimant has first furnished labor or materials to fully protect the lien claimant. […]