How To Make A Lien Work for You

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Watch for continual late payments, partial payment, excuses and owner disputes.
Taking a back seat after filing a lien is not the best way to go about collecting.

PressureRead the Tea-Leaves 
Everyone knows the signs, but not everyone pays attention. tea plantA missed payment, late payments, a strange explanation about why your requisition was reduced, word that the owner’s representatives are being tight with money: these are all signs that trouble is brewing. When you starting hearing things that make you nervous, that’s the time to start the lien filing process. Serving a prelien provides the warning shot, and lets everyone know you’re serious. When you need to get serious, you can start by visiting and completing the document you need.  

prelienLien All You Can Lien 

When you file your lien, make sure your lien is its maximum legal value.  While most states allow you to lien for all of the materials, labor or other services you provided to improve a property, including overhead and profit, others are even more generous, permitting the inclusion of interest or filing fees. If you need more information regarding how to maximize your lien, check out our website or give us a call.  

moveDon’t Just Sit There, Do Something 
The filing of a lien or bond claim is not the last thing you should do when attempting to collect.
Be aggressive. Place phone calls to the owners, talk to the architect, find out why you haven’t been paid. 
Write letters demanding payment for the work you performed. A lien can often be effective in obtaining by itself, but a lien can be even more effective when combined with actions that shows you are willing to take further steps to collect payment. 
For information on good collection practices, make sure to check out our Accounts Management Section.
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