KC v. KC – What A Difference A River Makes

Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri share a border, a river, and that’s about it. The rivaly between Kansas and Missouri has been document since before the two were states.  So it should come as no suprise that when mechanic’s lien rights are involved, the two States are like night and day.
In Missouri, unpaid contractors have 6 months to file a mechanic’s lien, but in while in Kansas unpaid contractors have 3 or 4 months to file a mechanics lien, depending on whether they are a general contractor or subcontractor. 
Missouri’s mechanic’s lien claimants have to serve a pre-lien notice on the owner,; Kansas has no preliminary notice requirements.

But are the substantive requirements of the mechanics lien different in the two States? The answer, of course, is yes.  Missouri requires a “just and true account” to be included in a subcontractor mechanic’s liens. In Kansas, the amount due must be itemized and submitted with the lien.

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