What information must be included In a Alaska Mechanic’s Lien?

Should you need to enforce the mechanic’s lien, you must be careful that the information included in the Alaska Mechanic’s Lien is valid and will not void the lien.

Almost every day, I am asked if the cost of filing a lien is allowed to be included in the amount due listed on the mechanic’s lien.  Alaska law specifically states that the amount able to be claimed in a lien is“the contract amount”.  Anything included in the contract price is allowed to be included in the lien amount, anything not included in the contract price will void the lien if included in the amount. 

Alaska Law requires “a legal description sufficient for identification” in order for the lien to be valid.    Be sure to include the legal property description that is listed in the county property records.

Last but not least, if you do not have the mechanic’s lien notarized, the clerk will deem it to be invalid.