Construction at Texas Tech University

According to the Daily Toreador, Texas Tech University is continuing construction to improve the school in multiple ways according to their 2020 plan. 

The objectives that are sought out in the plan are for new student-housing, labs and research facilities. 

The new student housing will be the larger portion of the project, consisting of $54.8 million of the budget.  The new complex will consist of  61 one-bedroom units, 47 two-bedroom units and 75 four-bedroom units that are anticipated to be finished Aug. 15.  This new complex will primarily be available for graduate and upperclassmen students.

The second phase of the project encompasses a new Petroleum Engineering lab and research building incurring a cost of $22.8 million.  This building will include state-of-the-art equipment and is set to be finished Feb. 14th.

The last phase of the project is to upgrade Biology and College of Human Science buildings which will incur just under $20 million of the budget.