Construction at Texas Tech University

According to the Daily Toreador, Texas Tech University is continuing construction to improve the school in multiple ways according to their 2020 plan.  The objectives that are sought out in the plan are for new student-housing, labs and research facilities.  The new student housing will be the larger portion of the project, consisting of $54.8 million of […]

Increased Housing Boom for Students at the University of Alabama

According to Yahoo News, the University of Alabama in recent years has seen a big boom in their student enrollment.  The increase in enrollment has led to massive expansion for student housing on the university’s premises.   As the Greek social life becomes more popular, the demand for  larger and improved Greek housing rises. Over […]

College Construction Spending in Accordance to the Rise and Fall of the Economy

According to the The Chronicle of Higher Education, research presented at the Association for the Study of Higher Education has shown that state expenditures on college construction for higher-education does not coincide with the rise or fall of the economy.  The study has also shown that college construction spending tended to rise in the best and worst […]