Does Anyone Know You’re Working?

On many projects, mechanics lien claims are substantially limited or destroyed because the owner did not know the claimant was working on the Project.  In most states, pre-lien notices are required in order to file a lien claim, and waiting to provide the notice can limit lien rights.

Providing a notice that work is being performed or materials are being delivered is, in many States, required either by statute or by contract. While this may seem like just another paperwork headache, it is a vital part of the construction process that should not be overlooked.

Many notices are not given simply due to inadvertence or not knowing the statutory or contractual requirements. But notices are also kept back for another reason: many contractors and suppliers think that providing a notice will create animosity on the project.

On a normal project, nothing could be further from the truth.  Pre-lien notices, which are usually provided at the beginning of a project, are simply informational.  The notices let the owner and the general contractor know who is working on the project so that everyone knows everyone.  Think of notices as sort of an introduction…an introduction that protects you when payment is not made.

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