A Short History of Construction

We found a fascinating article on the history of construction by Eugen J. Heady of Smith Currie & Hancock, which is below. This article was originally published in the Construction Connection Newsletter. See www.constructionconnection.com.) Disputes arising on modern day construction projects typically involve extraordinarily complex factual scenarios, technical issues and legal issues. Were the ancients concerned […]

Is Market Rebounding? Higher Bids for Public Works May Be a Sign

Tupelo Mississippi just ran into a problem: the bids that it solicited for its new aquatic center came in way too high…the lowest bidder placed a bid that was $1.4 million over budget.  Many times public works bid solicitations come in over budget because there are not enough bidders: that wasn’t the case in Tupelo, […]

Does Anyone Know You’re Working?

On many projects, mechanics lien claims are substantially limited or destroyed because the owner did not know the claimant was working on the Project.  In most states, pre-lien notices are required in order to file a lien claim, and waiting to provide the notice can limit lien rights. Providing a notice that work is being […]